Welcome Alan Aragon!!!

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  1. Welcome to AM Alan if Bobo raves about you then you should be pretty damn good at this

  2. Great addition Bobo.

    For those unfamiliar with Alan's work, go checkout the following well researched, presented and referenced article on cardio.

    Myths Under The Microscope: The Low Intensity Fat Burning Zone & Fasted Cardio - Bodybuilding.com Forums

  3. Welcome Alan.

    I didn't know who you were so I went over to bb.com for a bit and ended up spending quite a few hours reading through some of your posts. It was really enjoyable in a nerdy bodybuilding sorta way.

    Glad to have you here.

  4. Sometimes concepts canít be sufficiently conveyed through cyber debates, where emotionally-driven flexing and posturing for the public take priority over honest, objective, and thorough examination of the evidence.

    I think Alan is going to make a fine addition to AM.

  5. Welcome Welcome glad to have you here big guy!


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