Ginger as anti-inflammatory

  1. Ginger as anti-inflammatory

    Anyone here tried using Ginger for it's anti-imflammatory effects?

    I've been drinking it as a tea for a few weeks now, and I've noticed that my shoulders are doing a little better. I'm popping less Ibuprofen too.

    I've been brewing it as a tea, and drinking it twice a day. Usually one post workout. It's easy to do, just get some ginger root, slice it up a tablespoon or so real thin, and steep for a while in hot water. Tastes pretty good too. If it's too strong for you, throw a dash of honey in it. For extra measure I eat the ginger after brewing it!

    Could be placebo effect, but whatever it is, there is a definate improvement!

    If you google ginger and anti-inflammatory, you'll come up with plenty of info.


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