Maintainence Level Calories? How to find?

  1. Maintainence Level Calories? How to find?

    I need help with finding my maintainence level calorie intake. How do I do this? If I would guess I would say 3500 but there is no real accurate way for me to tell.

  2. bmr calculator


    Metabolism Calculator

  4. thanks guys. i never knew what BMR was til now. i learn something everyday thanks to all the KIND lovely helpful AM'ers.

  5. BMR calculator is the way to go. You also need to take into consideration calories expended during the day. I have a BB book with a chart, for example the average 181 lb male uses up 80 calories an hour lying quietly awake. There are probably online references too.

  6. PistonPump... I was the same way... I had no idea what a BMR was Never heard of it.. But like you found out.. Someone will usually help ya to find it.. I have found alot of things that way. Be presistant about asking questions, but also use the search button if you have any idea what it is your wanting to know. Also, don't feel dumb because you asked. The only dumb questions are the ones that you don't ask, and you just assume you know.

  7. Here is a spin on that question. No haters please. I know there is no sure fire way to figure this out, but here goes.

    I have a desk job, where I do not move all day (Sedentary), but I religious work out four days a week. Which activity level would you use? Any thoughts woudl be appreciated.

  8. How long? An hour a day?

    My guess is that I'd go with moderate. The calculator won't get a perfect number for you, but a good guesstimate to start with. Take that number and see what happens over a week. Then you can adjust if necessary.

  9. Thanks Gator, that is what I was thinking and what I've started to do.

  10. Good luck with BMR's. If I followed a BMR calculator I would be tremendously overeating.

    Establish a diet and activity level (training) and stick to it exactly for several weeks. If you loose weight you are undereating. If you gain weight you are overeating. If all stays the same weight you have found maintenance.

    At my age, sedentary work environment and metabolism there is no formula that I fit into. JMHO

  11. Quote Originally Posted by pistonpump
    thanks guys. i never knew what BMR was til now. i learn something everyday thanks to all the KIND lovely helpful AM'ers.
    Rage is usually a really helpful guy (he still answered your question)...this is just a question that gets asked a lot, that's all. How are you keeping track of your calories? If you're not trying it already, check out FitDay - Free Weight Loss and Diet Journal. It's a great site and it's free.

  12. b5150 is right, I think those calculators are a bit on the high side. I always gain a lot of fat when I eat 500 cal over "maintenance", even when I use 'low activity' in the formula. I used's calculator and I think it's probably 250-300 too high for me.

    or maybe my metabolism is exceptionally slow.

    The best way is to experiment - the calculator is not gospel.

  13. B5150 is right trial and error works best.


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