Calcium and magnesium linked with increased insulin sensitivity

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    Calcium and magnesium, but not dairy intake, linked with increased insulin sensitivity

    A report published in the September, 2006 issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology revealed an association between increased insulin sensitivity and greater intake of calcium and magnesium. Reduced insulin sensitivity occurs in metabolic syndrome and diabetes type 2 when individuals produce adequate or even excessive insulin, but have become resistant to its effects. Although previous studies have indicated an association between dairy intake and insulin sensitivity, the current study failed to confirm this.

    Researchers at the University of South Carolina in Columbia evaluated data from 1,036 men and women without diabetes enrolled in the Insulin Resistance Atherosclerosis Study. Food frequency interviews including dietary supplement doses were conducted at the beginning of the study. Insulin sensitivity was measured with an intravenous glucose tolerance test upon enrollment and after five years of follow-up.

    The average daily calcium intake of the participants was 970 milligrams, and the average intake of magnesium was 403 milligrams. Seventeen percent of the participants reported using calcium supplements, and 5 percent used magnesium supplements. After adjustment for demographic factors, dairy intake was not found to be associated with insulin sensitivity, however, positive and independent associations of calcium and magnesium with insulin sensitivity were demonstrated. Magnesium appeared to increase insulin sensitivity up to a daily intake of 325 milligrams, suggesting that more than this amount may not be of further benefit for this concern, although higher doses of magnesium could be beneficial for other purposes.

    Magnesium may play a role in glucose homeostasis and insulin action, and calcium supplementation has been shown to reduce fasting insulin and increase insulin sensitivity in one clinical trial of nondiabetics. The authors observe that it is important to determine the optimal intake of these minerals, because excessive doses could decrease the absorption of other minerals.

  2. this is good news. so how would one approach this to take advantage? dose magnesium and calcium before carb meals or do you think it is something built up over time with consistent intake at higher amounts with these minerals?

  3. Others more knowledgeable should chime in but it seems to me that if it's really making long-term (over a 5 year period) changes to insulin sensitivity, then it's probably a matter of consistent dietary and/or supplemental intake. I'd hedge my bets and try and make sure that intake is spread throughout the day.

  4. Sweet. I get 1500mg calcium and 750mg magnesium. I like 500mg cal-mag before bed, gets me relaxed. I do take these in conjunction with other essential minerals in the form of a mineral complex. Many people overlook the importance of minerals and only rrecommend a multi but they don't realize that multi's don't = minerals in the doses we need them.
  5. Smile

    My body weight and BF% really stablized when I started supplementing Calcium,magnesium,zinc and chromium about 10 years ago...I find that calcium has many calming benifits as well.

  6. When it comes to calcium supplements, there is a lot of garbage out there. Most of it is calcium carbonate (the stuff we use to write on chalkboards).

    As always, the products that seem to work the best for me are the ones that utilize multiple delivery methods (calcium chelate, citrate, aspartate, lactate, ect.)

    Luckily, I found a product that includes all of those forms plus a full spectrum of minerals however, there just doesn't seem to be enough companies making quality calcium products.


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