Lower back pain... muscular or kidney

  1. Lower back pain... muscular or kidney

    I am wrapping up my latest PCT and have been experiencing some lower back pain just to the right of my spine. It is not sharp or shooting pain, just a dull pain that exist most of the time. I am pretty sure it is muscular as it gets worse as I sit or stand for prolonged periods but I am not sure how to know if it is kidney related. I am planning on going to the Dr. in a month or so, but thought I would see what folks here had to say.

    As I am writing this, I am moving around a bit and I can feel it more when I bend or move away from that side. Not real painful, just like someone is holding their fist in my back near my side…

  2. Same exact thing happened to me in the exact same spot during PCT, but I found out it was lower back pain. Freaked me out tho

  3. Did you do anything for it? When did yours go away?

  4. Almost certainly muscular pain as your kidneys are pretty high in the back. I had similar concerns a while back and doctor set my mind at ease.

  5. Muscular most likely and it suck fat ass monkey balls.

  6. probably muscular...try advil or go to the doctor for some anti-inflammatories
  7. tattoopierced1
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    i hate those pumps... i always go to the chiro and get hooked up to the electro stim device and that takes care of it.

  8. For how long tatt?
  9. tattoopierced1
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    I usually go and get adjusted every 8 weeks. When I have back pumps, I have him hook the electro stim up for 20-30 minutes with heat applied and it works very well. Takes about 1-2 visits before I am completely normal.

    I'm actually looking to getting a myofacial (sp?) massage done, but have heard they hurt like a *****...

  10. I'm having to drop leg workouts and rearrange them due to intense pain sometimes keeping me from walking

  11. If you don't have cloudy, smelly, or bloody urine, then you are fine. What you are describing may be the result of an infection, but most likely, it is muscular.

    It is definitely not stones or anything of that nature from what you say. Cranberry juice and time. A cystology analysis of your urine will be the final test (if you even get one), but it is probably not necessary unless pain really gets worse.

    Keep us posted.

  12. This was just a thought that came to me, but don't you think Advil just masks the pain instead of it making it go away?


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