What do yall think of this Diet?

  1. What do yall think of this Diet?

    Hey guys, so I've decided to kick my training up another notch. I started lifting about 2 and a half years ago. I was really skinny, about 6'4" 155, so my main goal was bulking. In two years, I got up to about 6'4" 230 @ 16%(I'm 22 btw). At the beginning of the summer though i started really feeling like i needed to be a lot leaner, the novelty of finally being that "big guy" really wore off and I started feeling like a fatass. However, after cutting for a couple weeks doing a CKD thing, I was down to 218 at about 12% but was losing muscle like crazy. I think with my body type, I have the fortune of being able to bulk pretty lean, but on both occasions that I have attmpted to cut, I've lost tons of muscle (and both times I followed my diet really well). Another strange thing is that if I eat what those charts and spreadsheets tell me should be my maintanence cals (counting in lifestyle and exercize and everything) I lose about 2 or 3 pounds a week. So long story short, I'm gonna quit attempting these reduced cal diets and see what I can get by eating around what I have found to be maintanence cals for me, but eating much cleaner and also lowering carbs a bit and focusing a lot on nutrient timing. Here is what I have been eating for the past 4 days, if anyone could offer any corrections or thoughts, I'd appreciate it.

    Meal 1:

    Egg Beaters - 1.75 cups
    Organic Rolled Oats - .75 cups

    Meal 2:

    Organic Yam - 6 oz
    Egg Whites - 12
    Almonds - .5 oz

    Meal 3
    Organic Rolled Oats - 1 cup
    Chicken Breast - 6 oz


    PWO Shake

    Whey - 2 scoops (56 grams protein)
    Carbo Gain (maltodextrose) - .25 cup

    Meal 4

    Chicken Breast - 6 oz
    Organic Yam - 6 oz
    Sweet Pepper - 1 whole
    Spinach - 2 cups chopped

    Meal 5

    Egg Beaters - 1.5 cups
    Avocado - .5
    Fish Oil - 10g
    Plain Lowfat Yogurt - 1 cup

    Meal 6

    Avacado - .5
    Almonds - 1 oz
    2% Cottage Cheese - 1 cup

    Meal 7

    Egg White - 10
    Egg Whole - 2
    2% Cottage Cheese - .5 cup
    Fish Oil - 10g

    Totals from this = 4,025 cals. 45% protein (414 g), 30% carbs (312 g), and 25% fat (115 g).

    As far as supps, I'm only taking CEE, AAKG, and a Multi. Oh and also some biotin cause I eat a lot of those eggs whites raw.

    I guess my goals are kind of a recomp type thing but I don't really mind losing a bit of weight as long as I lean out well and don't lose too much muscle. But on those diets where I'm eating like 2500 cals, I literally lose 20 lbs off my bench a weak and the muscle just falls off. But hopefully this will work for me as I've never paid this much attention to what I was eating before or been quite so militant about having everything natural and unprocessed. And since I'm naturally very lean, I really hope that these changes alone will be enough to lean me out without losing too much muscle or even let me gain some while getting leaner.

    Oh and as of right now, I'm 6'4" 223 @ around 14%. My ultimate goal down the road is 230 @ 7% but I'm not expecting that for a bit longer haha. Thanks guys, lemme know what you would change, I'm pretty new to the diet side of things, as like so many young guys, I got into the supps and training areas for a while before really starting to read about eating right so I'm kinda going in blind but I read about nutrition for 3 weeks straight and finally got so frustrated and confused I figured what the heck, even if I get it wrong, at least I can make changes based on how things are affecting me. Thanks again guys.

  2. It looks pretty solid, I would throw some more fiborous vegetables in there and maybe an Apple in the A.M. I'd also eat your biggest serving of Cottage Cheese in your last meal.
    The carbogain is debatable and there are a couple threads here arguing for/against it, but I would say try it for awhile and if it's not working switch it with oats.

  3. ok cool, thanks. yea i agree that i'm still unsure about the carbogain type stuff. i was taking half a cup but i cut it to a quarter after reading that stuff. i don't know if i can stomach any more damn oats but i may have to man up. also, speaking of oats, i was wondering what the effects are of blending them up and driking them? would this be a problem or raise the gi or change absorption or anything? i hate oats but have no problem just blending them up with some water and drinking them straight like that. is this a bad idea to do every time i eat them? oh and good call with the apple, i love em so i'll def throw one in in the morning. which meal do yall think i should do that with though? should i use it to substitute for one of the carb sources in my first couple meals, or should it be in addition to what i already have? I'm already getting around 45 to 50 grams of carbs with my first 3 or 4 meals so i don't know if it would be too much to throw an apple (like 20g carbs) on top of any of those meals. thanks again for the input, good stuff.

  4. I grind my oats up in a coffee grinder to add them to foods and protien shakes, an oat is an oat is an oat, changing the texture doesn't change it's content.

  5. ok cool, thanks guys. oh one more totally unrelated question but i don't feel like starting a new thread for it. i just got proscribed some samples of an oral acne med called Doryx (doxycycline hyclate). i can't find anything online except side effects lists but i'm trying to figure out how it works and if it's hormonal or would affect test levels at all. anybody know if any of these acne meds, and this one in particular, can adversely affect hormone levels like i know some of the oral hair loss products can? thanks for any info.



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