Question for a friend....

  1. Question for a friend....

    I am slowly getting people out here at our plant on a health kick. They are asking me alot of questions about what I am eating, and about what am I doing at the gym and things like that.

    So the question I have today is..

    My friend is 47 yrs old, 233lbs and is 5 ft 11 inches tall, He is asking me how many calories he should be taking in to lose weight. He is just now trying to clean up his diet, and wants to lose as much weight as he can. So, He is curious as to what kinda calorie in take he should be at. He says he is at 1800 or less. I know alot of it has to do with what he has to eat, but I just need to know what he should be at. He has started eatting fish, oatmeal, steak, and chicken and other things to help clean up his diet.

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

  2. I'd say drop 500 calories/day but he is not taking in very many calories. I would recommend he increase his physical activity and decrease maybe 250 cals a day. maybe just cleaning up those 1800 calories would do it.

  3. make him start a log of everything he puts in his mouth (well almost evrything LOL).

    On top of getting in some physical activity he may be taking in more than he thinks.

    Do a BMR work up and see how much he really needs.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by glg
    make him start a log of everything he puts in his mouth (well almost evrything LOL).

    On top of getting in some physical activity he may be taking in more than he thinks.

    Do a BMR work up and see how much he really needs.

    GLG... I honestly do not know what tBMR is that your talking about. I have seen people talking about it, but I do not know much about it. Can you explain and maybe I can help him figure this out. Sorry for not being educated on this.

    Your help is appreicated.

  5. Basal Metabolic Rate. There are a lot of sites on the net and simple books in the libraries that you could copy the pages from. It looks at body structure, activity levels, weight, age, etc to give a ballpark figure on how many calories a person needs. Then he can adjust his caloric input to the -500 a day which equals the calories in a pund of fat. If he is really eating on the low side, make sure that it is balanced in nutrients, check the water consumption etc. Sometimes it is a matter of slightly increasing physical activity (walking, stairs etc) vs actual gym activities.

    But he needs to know where he is at in all of this or he will get frustrated and not have results and won't know why.

  6. Thanks for your info.. I sat down and looked at what he has been eatting for the last two days, and he is doing a good job as far as I can see. On, It shows his breakdown of 40/30/20 . I will look into what you were talking about, and I am encouraging him to start doing some more cardio. He does not do much after work in the form of exercise after work. But since he has started cleaning up the diet, he has lost like 4 lbs in 2 weeks, so thats not to shabby.

  7. Cardio cardio cardio. He'll wanna start walking everyday during the week at the very least. I would recommend an hour in the mornings. If he can't make it an hour, he could start at 30 minutes and work his way up. It looks like you guys have his diet pretty well squared away. Just work on his physical activity. Remember, 3500 calories = 1 pound of fat... create the deficit. Good luck.

  8. ...just some basic thoughts in a primal order:

    Posture, breathing, stride, stretch, sweat, water, resistance training,...adjust diet.

    ...then,... advanced supplemented diet,

    .. then... maintain your new discipline!

    ...enjoy the self respect you have now taught yourself!





  9. Heh, indeed. That's pretty good actually. Way to go anabolicrhino.

  10. Thanks Guys.. I will get him to read all this . Its some good info.

  11. IMO, if someone is a beginner and just looking to lose weight/get in shape, I think that calorie counting is overkill and might eventually scare them away. That's just my opinion in helping half a dozen friends or so lose weight the last few years. If you basically explain to them eat clean (give them the exact foods of what to eat), don't eat until you're stuffed, stick with p+f or p+c meals, and do cardio/resistance training, it will be much easier for beginners not that interested in BBing as much as losing weight, to stomach.

  12. Maybe a crucial part in losing the weight is by getting a partner to do it with him.

  13. He has to honestly be ready to lose the weight. What I've found in helping people get in shape is that sometimes you want it more than they do. Anymore, I make 100% sure that they're ready and aren't going to quit. I explain it to 'em forwards and backwards, tell them what to expect, etc. It helps to prepare 'em.

  14. This is a friend of mine who I work with, He has seen alot of people get on the fit crazy over the last month or so, and he has been asking alot of questions. He just went through a divorce and is living with his Mother.
    She is one of the old fashioned ladies ( Like my Mom ) who likes to deep fry everything, and always has sweets around.
    So , In the last week , he has lost a few pounds, and has started cleaning up his diet .. ( Which was crap ). This is a big must in my opinion. Like I said to, he is not working out, But he has said that he is gonna start walking, then jogging.
    I think as long as I keep working out, and making progress, and the other people that I have been working with keep loseing weight, I think he will keep interested. My two workout buddies, since they have started working with me, and have cleaned up there diets, One has lost 8 lbs, and the other has lost about 13 lbs. Also, another one that works with us that has been asking me alot of questions about nutrition , He has lost about 25 lbs. Most of these guys were big Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew drinkers.
    I am not saying its all because of me, But I do believe that they have seen some results that I have made, and they have seen how I eat at work, and Plus , I have been on them that they need to stop eatting this, and stop eatting that, and to my susprise, two started working out with me, and the other that lost 25, cleaned up his diet and has asked alot of questions, plus has started doing cardio and lifting weights with his son.
    Its a great feeling to know that I have helped them allittle. Plus, The help that I have given them, has come straight from the guys and gals here on this board. Because I have asked so many questions, and everyone has pitched in and answered my questions.
    The friend who has lost 25 lbs, is in his 40's, I think 41, and he said he feels sooooo much better, Like he is in his 20's. He is actually gonna have to go buy new clothers. Plus his face has really gotten very thin.

    So..... Thanks to you all here for the info that you have given to me, and for helping to change there lives for the better.

  15. Like others have said 1800 is already pretty low, I wouldn't go too much lower than that. Only thing I haven't heard mentioned is to make sure that is broken up into at least 4-5 meals a day. I have also had friends trying to lose weight, to a very restricted level of calories, and hardly lose a thing. Then I learn that they eat it all in 1 or 2 meals. The body adapts to infrequent feedings by storing fat and slowing metabolism.

    NYhomeboy - I hear the same kind of thing, people getting scared off from counting. But I think it's necessary unless they can stick to a canned diet dictating everything they eat. IMO that is harder as they are way more prone to cheat to eat the foods that they like. It seems just about everybody underestimates the amount they take in (myself included) and counting opens your eyes. The good news I tell people is after a while you can do a much better job estimating how much is in a meal.

  16. Well, so far, he has lost like 10 lbs in 3 weeks.. So far so good. I told him, that for alot of people, the first 10 to 20 come easy, but it may be a struggle after that, and that he needed to make a comittment to hisself that he was gonna stick with it. He has actually stepped up his cardio, and he says once he gets where he can jog a mile, he wants to start lifting weights with me and my other friends.


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