Gyno or Fat? Pics

  1. Gyno or Fat? Pics

    When I was 20 I tried Pinnacle Andro Poppers and didn't notice any problem. As years went on, I started to let myself go and gain alot of fat weighing close to 200lbs. But the pass few months I lost about 35lbs and now weigh 165lbs. Do you think it's from the andro or do you think it will go away if I lose a few more pounds? Will spooky along with cap get rid of it or should I try nolva?

  2. Here's the pic
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  3. I would wait a bit it doesn't look that bad. Are you still dieting to lose weight/body fat?

    Body fat can sometimes be hard to get rid of in certain areas if we are predisposed to holding fat there. I have a hard time losing my "love handles"...I'm also trying to recover from a bit of "fat days" where I let myself go with little to no exercise and a very healthy fried food

    If it is gyno and you've been holding it for this long, a few more months couldn't hurt much more. Try cutting more and if the chest doesn't change you want to try something for gyno.

  4. I'm planning to lower my bf a bit more and hopefully it will do the trick.

  5. Deja Vu.

  6. Looks like fat. If it develops into serious gyno, it will hurt and solidify. You may even lactate (!). But if you are concerned, go see an endocrinologist. Specifically, measure your E2 (estradiol) levels as well as testosterone and free testosterone. Measuring prolactin is a good idea too to cover all bases.



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