1. Appetitie

    I think im having a problem with my appetite since every time i eat a main course meal such as dinner i get full really quick, I then start to feel sick if i try to eat anymore. Another problem that i see is that i get hungry once again within 2 hours of my last meal.

    One of the things that i think might be affecting my appetite is the weight gainer shakes in which i take twice a day.

  2. I am not understanding the problem.

    You are not hungry enough to eat a full meal but you are hungry 2 hours later. Just eat less at each meal and eat more meals.

    This could just mean you have a small stomach and a fast metabolism.

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  3. I just thought my stomach has grown a custom to gettin a easier source of nutrients from the shakes.

  4. My stomach has shrunken incredibly, I used to wolf down 1000 calorie shakes, now if I have anymore then one plate at dinner I feel like a blimp. Try to eat more low glycemics for dinner to, that will keep you satisfied. As you get better with your diet and exercise your body turns into a machine, and you need to tune your diet to adapt to the changes your making.

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