Feeling Very Strange eating in the mornings? HELP!

  1. Feeling Very Strange eating in the mornings? HELP!

    For the past 3 days i've been having my usual 6 egg omelet. I have been eating this for quite some time as part of my breakfast. But ever since Saturday, I wake up and feel hungry and make my breakfast but when I do eat I just don't want it anymore and feel like I don't want to eat?

    Could it be a rejection from the eggs over time? The supplements I am taking? 30 minutes before I eat I take 200 mg of Caffeine and 2.5mg of Yohimbine.

    I would apprciate any help at all or thoughts?

  2. If you've been eating the same thing day after day for awhile, maybe a change is in order. Try switching to a different breakfast item.

    Variety.. I hear it's the spice of life.

  3. How long have you been taking the Yohimbe?

  4. I actully started taking it last week monday. Started feeling like this on Saturday.

    Maybe I do need to change it up but even the bread I was eating didnt taste too appealing nor did nething and i just felt wierd afterwords.

  5. cafeine and yo would make me feel like puking with no appetite

    could be u developed an allergy to cooked eggs

    laterly ive been diggin raw eggs...deeeelicious,digest great.very tasty.

    try tossing in 20-30min cardio before hand to kick start appetite

  6. Thanks for the advice cause the caffeine and yohimbine make me feel like that even when im hungry but it just doesnt want to go down.

    This is my breakfast meal so maybe i'll take it before my workout and later on.

    I also have no allergies of any kind otherwise I would think that. Thanks for the help, I'm going to change around when I take my supps. Because even Caffeine and Ephedra never made me feel like this.

  7. I know everybody's different, but man Yohimbe makes me want to die. I couldn't imagine eating 30 min after taking it.

  8. I feel strange when I wake-up - I never want to go to work...

  9. throw it all in a blender and enjoy. breakfast of champions.

  10. This happens to me too except at two eggs every morning. I tried throwing in some onions and dried chili peppers. Then i tried lemon pepper and herbs but that didn't work. I honestly think that since eggs are so distinctive and easily recognizable, the body gets used to it and doesn't really want it anymore no matter how you try to change it up. So my suggestion is cycle them things, man!!


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