Salmon Steak

  1. Salmon Steak

    Just thought I should tell you about Bumble Bee Prime Fillet Salmon Steak Entrées. I had the Teriyaki today, it was damn tasty. I have yet to taste the Lemon & Dill flavor, but I imagine it would be good. I would shoot for 35 seconds in the microwave to warm it all the way through. Anyone else tried these?

    Pretty nice macro nutrient profile too,

  2. I have one sitting in the cabinet because my mom got it by accident when she was picking up my tuna flavored packet things. Im not a big fan of salmon (actually any fish but tuna I dont really like) so it will probably sit there for a while. Maybe I should try it..

    Have you tried there tuna fillets?

  3. Their tuna filets rock. Only problem is they can get pricy at $3-4 per pouch. Great to have in an emergency though if you didn't get a chance to cook food.

  4. I picked this up by accident too, but I'm glad I did. I haven't got a chance to try the tuna fillets.

  5. yea they are quit pricey. Whenever you get a chance definitly try the tuna packet its very tasty.

  6. I cringe when I see the sodium, but they are really good!
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