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    "Healthy" and "potato salad" can go hand in hand.

    Unfortunately, everyone's favorite summer side dish can send blood-sugar levels soaring, thanks to all the high-carb starch in spuds. Here's how to fix that: Boil the potatoes ahead of time and refrigerate overnight. The next day, make the dressing with vinegar and olive oil -- not mayo -- and mix with the potatoes. Both chilling and using vinegar neutralize starch's blood-sugar effects.


    Vinegar dressing and cold storage of potatoes lowers postprandial glycaemic and insulinaemic responses in healthy subjects.
    Leeman, M., Ostman, E., Bjorck, I., European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2005 Nov;59(11):1266-1271.

    More about this Tip: Potatoes -- along with doughnuts, ice cream, white bread, and many other starchy carbohydrates and highly processed foods -- have what's called a high glycemic index (GI). What's that, you ask? It's a measure of a specific food's effect on blood-sugar levels, which you want to remain stable, not dip and spike. High-glycemic carbs send blood sugar (glucose) surging. Your body reacts by pumping out lots of insulin, which lowers sugar levels.

    Regularly eating a lot of high GI foods can lead to chronically high insulin levels and that, in turn, can lead to things you definitely don't want: heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

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