Meat: Your Muscle Maker

  1. Meat: Your Muscle Maker

    From Men's health: Abs Diet
    While turkey is a top-shelf Powerfood, that doesn’t mean other meats are off-limits. The key is getting the leanest protein for the least amount of saturated fat. Turkey does the job exceptionally well, but only if you buy breast meat. Mixed ground turkey, usually made from dark meat, can contain as much saturated fat as beef.

    Fresh salmon: Ask for wild-caught salmon; it has fewer chemicals.

    Fresh turkey or chicken cutlets: Check the label for sodium; some raw meats are plumped with a sodium solution—added salt you don’t need. Look for one that contains less than 10 percent broth solution.

    Ground turkey: If it’s not made from ground turkey breast, it could have as much fat as beef.

    Precooked chicken strips: Try Perdue Short Cuts. No painted-on grill stripes or strange chicken-from-concentrate texture.

    Deli slices: Healthy Choice turkey or ham have next-to-nothing fat. For a little less sodium, chose plain or honey-roasted over smoked flavors.

    Smoked salmon: This is a high-sodium food, courtesy of the smoking. Pick the one with the lowest levels.

    Canadian bacon: Buy the thin-sliced varieties; a smaller piece will help you keep the sodium tab down.

    Flank steak: Pick the one with the bluest tinge. That means it’s aged enough for extra flavor, but it’s not too old.

    Lean ground beef: You want 95 percent lean; it’s the one with the least amount of saturated fat.

    Pork loin cuts: Get the thin ones; they cook in half the time.
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