2 workouts a day help

  1. 2 workouts a day help

    I workout prior to my 12 hour shift and another one at the end. First one is the main workout and the second is always abs and stretches along with anything i've missed due to time,soreness etc.

    I drink a pre and post workout protein mix but I want to keep as much whole food as possible. Would adding another pre and post workout drink to the second workout be the best way to go or stick to whole foods still and just keep the drinks around the main workout?

  2. I would maybe split the pre and post-workout drink and drink half for the first workout, and use the other half for the second. Just an idea

  3. are you only doing abs and stretching prior to the second session or do you do exercises you had to skip due to time ealier in the day?

    I would think that after eating how ever you are after your first workout session then that should suffice for abs and stretching only. I dont see the neccessity for a second pre/post workout shake (maybe a toned down version for the abs but not so much for the stretching, ie a protein drink only after or something)

    Personally I wouldnt want to split the pre/post workout drink only because the main group (lets say back) would be getting "shafted" out of needed nutrients directly after when they need it most, and also dont want to skimp on pre to not sacrifice gym performance.

  4. If you are only doing abs and stretching, I would just consume a nice clean meal. Thats just me though

  5. Thanks for the advice. yeah mostly abs stretching and any lifts i couldn't accomplish due to time from before.

  6. For me, I have noticed that a good clean carb and protien meal is more important prior and I have shakes only after the workout. I tend to get really fatigued about thirty mins into a leg day or say back if I dont eat a bagel, cottage cheese and a glass of skim milk before hand. Thanks for the tip bobo!


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