Lactose intolerance

  1. Lactose intolerance

    Im latose intolerant and I was wondering if using a lactase digestive enzyme would raise the GI in my skim milk. Any thoughts?

  2. Not sure if this gets at your question but it does provide some context for it.

    Lactose intolerance -

  3. Ok I got another question to. If I can tolerate the milk okay and the symptoms don't bother me much, will my body still get all the calories from the milk?? CAuse its not so much the symptoms that get me, it's just I dont want my calories to be off for the day. Thanks for the replys BTW

  4. Hopefully someone with a medical background will chime in but my assumption wouldbe that if you cannot digest the lactose, you won't be getting the calories from the lactose. I have no idea what percentage of milk calories come from lactose.

  5. Ya thats what I figured too and that really sucks!

  6. Can you sub another type of milk for your calories? Also, egg protein mixed with juice or water can overcome that as well.


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