papaya enzymes

  1. papaya enzymes

    has anyone heard of this for protein digestion?

  2. yes, the enzyme is called papain and you can find it at any vitamin store or health food store. I like the chewable wafers, they taste pretty good. It supposedly aids in the breakdown and assimilation of protien, carbs and fats. another fruit enzyme that does this is an enzyme found in pineapple called bromelain. I have both in the event of indigestion (they seem to help) or after a big meal. Some even suggest that if taken frequently, it can lower the incedence of flatulence(sp?) or as I like to call it "da' farts"

  3. I usually eat pineapple for digestion aid. It really does help out with the sometimes deadly fumes.

  4. I have chewable papaya pills and I myself use them quite often. I've noticed alot less gas when taking them.

  5. yes. I have used them before just for general health/help when I have stomach issues. They seem to help.

  6. thanks everyone I will pick some up


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