What is Glycemic Index?

  1. What is Glycemic Index?

    Eric Knight, CPT(Canfit Pro), H. Ba. Kin

    While many of you are trying to determine what to eat before and after a workout, you may have heard people talking about simple and complex carbohydrates. It is known that complex carbohydrates (starches like pastas, breads and grains) provide long lasting energy while simple carbohydrates (sugar in sweets and fruits) provided us with fast but short duration energy. Athletes use these guidelines to determine what to eat and when in order to have optimal energy for workouts. Lately, a new categorizing strategy has been developed to simplify the energy we get from foods, called the Glycemic Index.

    The glycemic index refers to a food's ability to contribute to glucose levels in the blood stream. A food's glycemic index is determined by fibre content, fat additives, and the food's preparation method. It was first developed for diabetes patients to help control their blood glucose levels. High glycemic index carbohydrates swiftly provide our blood streams with glucose. These are best eaten after a workout to quickly replenish the body with energy. Low glycemic index carbohydrates slowly provide the blood stream with glucose. These foods are best eaten before a workout since it will provide our bodies with the energy needed to perform the activity.
    Below is a chart depicting the high and low glycemic index carbohydrates:
    Food Glycemic Index
    Gatorade 91
    Baked Potato 85
    Corn Flakes 84
    Rice Cakes 82
    Jelly Beans 80
    Cheerios 74
    Bagel 72
    Bran Muffin 60
    Orange juice 57
    Potato, boiled 56
    White Rice 56
    Apple 36
    Power Bar 30-35
    Fruit Yogurt, low fat 33
    Milk, skim 31
    Banana 30

    Data from food companies and K. Foster-Powell and J. Brand Miller, 1995, "International tables of glycemic index," Am J Clin Nutr 62:871S-893S

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