wow im gonna puke

  1. wow im gonna puke

    ok so i usually have 1 cup egg whites with one egg (fried) for breakfast and i chew it then use water to swallow it without gagging and im getting tired of doing this every morning i dont think i can do it much longer i come right to tthe brink of puking every time.
    so with that in mind..
    would it have the same calorie/protein/carbs content if i take the raw eggs/egg and blend it with some whey then slurp it down?
    i have searched on it, and there were some people saying the nutritional value remains the same, but a very few were saying it messes with the protein.
    also, what kind should i buy that doesnt have salmonela and all these germs and such when it is raw??
    do any of you slurp down raw eggs?

  2. Actually I think there was a discussion on raw vs cooked eggs and I think the consensus is that you only break down 60% of the protein from raw vs like 80 something cooked.

    But anyhow, I usually add like a cup or so eggwhites to a scoop of whey in the morning. Very easy and convienent.

  3. I've done some reading about salmonella and raw eggs--Entrez PubMed
    = "The contribution of SE from commercially pasteurized egg products was estimated to be negligible."

    I remember reading somewhere that .003% of commercial eggs are infected. That's 1 in every 30,000. And as far as absorption...well, add more eggs. I tried raw eggs with my shake and I couldn't do it and I'm by no means picky. Hope this works out better for you.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Bobo
    Raw eggs digest just fine. THe only thing that changes is the Biotin content, nothing more.
    Taken from:
    Recent log:

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