WTF is the deal with my ground turkey???

  1. WTF is the deal with my ground turkey???

    Ok, at the grocery store for my bi-weekly stock up. Killer meat sale.
    25lbs 93% lean beef
    40lbs boneless pork loin
    40lbs boneless chicken tenderloins

    so I'm looking good here. Get to the end of the meat isle and see 10lb tubes of ground turkey for $0.69/lb. I figure why not. So I'm making up a weeks worth of "turkey chilli" last night and packing the daily servings. Punch it all up in Fitday and double check at calorie king. They are both quoting 11g fat, 22g protien for standard ground turkey!!! ****e, I dont know if I would even feed that to my dog. The only thing reasonable was 99% FF ground breast, which this is definatly not.

    I did my usual brown-boil-strain-rinse routine I do with cheap burger. I know a lot of other guys here use ground turkey. Are Fitday and Calking crazy or is this going to wreck my diet?

  2. Whats ur diet? Are you bulking, cutting, maintaining? From the looks of your name you are bulking lol I would say it the shet up!!! I eat ground turkey a lot just because I like the taste compared to ground beef.

  3. I'm cutting for a cruise to cozemel in the last week of July.
    Currently: 6'1" 255lbs @ ~15.1%BF. Cutting to as close to 235that I can get by then.

  4. I always thought that turkey was better than red meat when u are cutting... Chicken, tuna would be better but u can only eat so much of it.....
  5. Talking

    Quote Originally Posted by massmonster
    I'm cutting for a cruise to cozemel in the last week of July.
    Currently: 6'1" 255lbs @ ~15.1%BF. Cutting to as close to 235that I can get by then.
    Nice i just came back from cozumel during my vacay to playa del carmen. It was devastated by the hurricane but still has amazing carribean waters. Im 6'3" 220 and i felt like a giant compared to the locals. Its good your on a cruise cause there aint alot outside of the city where the ferry ports, if you have a chance check out the eastern shores, you can rent a scooter for 25$ and drive there if you have a few hours.

  6. well fitday is not crazy because the standard ground turkey does have around 11g of fat in it, but as you also said ground turkey does come in variets of how much fat is in it.

    During a cut I would be careful not to use this for the majority of your protein consumption for the fact that to get the protein you would need from it would mean a hell of alot of fat. It should say on the package at the store what % of fat is in it, do you recall seeing a number?

    I wouldnt let it go but next time try to get a leaner ground turkey or maybe some ground sirloin or something

  7. Unfortunatly, no nutritional info on the bulk packs. I'm just using this as a junk source of protein. I just didnt realize how poor it was. You can see from my grocery list I've got a lot of lean protein around. 100lbs of ATW casien and 200 cans of albacore pretty much rounds out whats in my pantry.

  8. well if there was no nutrition fat value % then it could be 99% but I highly doubt they would be seeling a bulk 99% fat free. If it is possible I would reccomend either going back or calling the store and asking a meat package guy if they knew

  9. I have a question... what grocery store sells such large quantities? I never see that stuff in places I shop.

  10. All of the major chains here in Kansas City have "family packs" in the meat isle. Usually around 5-12lbs per pack.

  11. Yep, that's the standard turkey. They have leaner cuts but they're almost always much higher priced.

  12. yep, its correct, I only buy ground turkey breast meat 1 gram fat, there is a lean version with 7 gram fat by butterball.

  13. Browning and draining/rinsing like you said you did will reduce the fat content considerably.
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