10 Dirtiest Foods That Can Make You Sick

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  1. Microwaves turn kitchen cloths into germ killers | the Daily Mail
    Cooked oysters, cooked peaches, cooked salad, YUM!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk View Post
    Not doing something out of ignorance is one thing but to ignore safety when given the information is another. No where does it say you can't eat those foods. It just lists the risks associated with them if not handled properly. Cook to proper temps., wash thoroughly and use clean utensils when cutting,serving,consuming na dyou'll be fine 99%(made up figure) of the time.
    I know summer is almost over for most, (I'm just now starting mine) but remember... The #1 screw up that makes people incredibly sick is what you do in front of the grill. How many of you (don't lie to yourself, we've all done it) walk out to the grill in the back yard with a few raw steaks on a platter, slap them on the grill, then when they're done, put them back on the platter again to take in the house. A great way to get the entire family sick.
    Sometimes you can't avoid something bad happening to you, but for the most part, common sense is the best way to avoid screwing yourself up.

  3. Brag: I don't buy Men's Health
    Beat: This thread quoted Men's Health
    Variance: I cook my food

    Ban OP.

  4. I got deathly sick off of "cooked" eggs once (at least I'm 90% sure it was the eggs, or possibly the slice of ham put on it). I'm eaten 100s of eggs in my life. I'll continue to take my chances . Actually that 1 time getting sick in 30 years was enough to make me never want it to happen again....horrible!

  5. And one day, Men's Health will conclude that wiping your ass will cause cancer of the scrotum...

    I guess I better go on the air and grass diet - oh wait, that's bad too!



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