Pritikin Diet

  1. Pritikin Diet

    Has anyone heard of this or does anyone know much about this diet? I know that it's a low to no cholesterol diet and high-fiber diet. But I've heard some remarkable claims from my boss about its ability to reduce Coronary Artery Disease markers (chiefly - plaques).

    Anyone heard of this diet being used with success?

  2. First time I heard about that, but ill keep an eye on it..

  3. From what I remember it is a low protein, low fat, vegetarian diet.

  4. I have a cousin who has been on it since the mid-80's. guy still has jeans from when he was in HS (he's 36), and can fit in them! He's not scrawny, just totaly lean. He doesn't weight train, so he isn't a big guy by any means, but he's impressive none-the-less. To be honest, I think it has more to do with the fact that he has just never ate junk, refined carbs, etc. He's just never developed bad eating habits seeing as how he's been eating this way since being a teen ager. He's not a vegan, and I doubt he's as strict as he once was, but he's a healthy mofo it seems.

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