Catfish...yay or nay?

  1. Catfish...yay or nay?

    So I love seafood. My favorite being catfish. I've heard around that catfish isn't good for you. Is this an overstatement because they don't contain as much (or any?) omega fats or what? If I could, I'd probably eat catfish 4-5x a week.
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  2. site...never seen it before. So the main issue would be the high cholesterol?
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  3. Well, traditionally catfish were considered "dirty" fish because they tend to live in stagnant waters and will absorb more environmental pollution. However, almost all catfish sold now is farm raised.

    I believe they have lower levels of epa/dha compared to a cold-water fish like salmon.

    I personally wouldn't make catfish a regular part of my diet, but I enjoy it (usually in some cajun recipe) now and again.

  4. Well...I live in an urban area, it's all farm raised around here, and it is cheap. I think I'll combine some when I eat other whitefish.
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  5. Holy crap! a 650lb catfish. That thing looks like a whale! Can you imagine a super salmon like that? could feed small villages for years!
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