Detox diet

  1. Detox diet

    Alright I just spent 45 minutes searching for a cool post I reaad about foods that were good for you to eat when you were going through a cleansing diet/herbal supps. I have all the supps I am using. But I wanted to make sure I was eating right.

    If you have any suggestions please leave them here, and if you know what happened to that post PLZ share.

    Try a search for detox.... I think I filtered through 40 superdrol logs or ideas.... while interesting to read stupidity it has made me really hungry.... off to eat some cottage cheese...


  2. green tea or any tea for that matter is a good detoxifier, but the most commonly used one would be just plain water.

  3. um, I dont need a detox agent. To do a proper detox you have to eat certain foods. I think I found a list I will post it after I have gotten a meal in me...


  4. just fast for a day with water and grapes man..

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