When you look at the back of a wheat bread box you see a food Pyramid guide which is designed for a healthy human. Now I know we as bodybuilders eat primary to put on muscle.
Recently ive been trying to implement the food Pyramid into my Diet as a bodybuilder.

Just some little facts i want to throw out there and share the knowledge that might benifit someone here

Yes Broccoli lowers bad estrogens(so eat AT LEAST 1 serving a day if not 2 or 3- ive even heard in a hormone malnipution ebook i have - its either the laymans guide or chemical muscle enhancement-that it recommends to eat broccoli 5 times a day with almost every meal. now i think 2 -3 is suffient and ven one if you cant get too it, but generaly 2-3.This si only one among broccoli;;s powerful benifits- preevents cancers, etc

Olive Oil- Boosts Testostrone Levels, and also great for inflamation( a study was done where subjects tok Olive oil and subjects took ifoperon(sp) and Oilive il is just as effective for inflamation- like i said Olive oil has many many benefits.

anyways the food pyramid says - bread cereal, rice , pasta 6-11 serving, Veggie= 3-5 servings, meat , fish poultry, dry beans eggs , nuts 2-3 servings, milk yogourt cheese 2-3 servings, fats oils, sweets use sparingly.

now obviously Flax, Fish, Olive Oil , Natty PB, re ils and good sources of oils. anyways i didnt want to ask anything i just wanted to make a statement and get some opinions and hopefully learn some information.

I all about building muscle and doing what it takes, but in a healthy way. Both go hand in hand with one another. it gets out of hand when its not healthy, this is about building the body up not tearing it down. cheers