BCAA Dosage on Off Days..

  1. BCAA Dosage on Off Days..

    Do any of you guys use the same amount on the off workout days as you do on workout days? I myself drop it down to 3 scoops on the off days and 10 scoops on my workout days. This also saves a little cash too.. lol.. Just looking for some others opinions and insight..


  2. 10 scoops on workout days? That's insane, most cost a fortune. Mind posting a log or atleast share the benefits of such expensive dosing?

  3. Bump to CCs recommendations. Also, what's the approximate BCAAs dosage in grams you are using? On off days I'd recommend holding steady 30 grams if you are trying to reek the benefits of megadosing BCAAs. Of course, many believe this is most beneficial on cutting durations.

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