A Guide to Safe Fish Consumption (re: contaminant levels)

  1. Post A Guide to Safe Fish Consumption (re: contaminant levels)

    A Guide to Guilt-Free Fish

    These fish can be eaten once a week by adults, according to an assessment of contaminant levels by Environmental Defense. Those marked with an asterisk can be eaten more than once a week.


    ARCTIC CHAR, color added
    *BLACK COD (Sable, Butterfish on West Coast)
    *BLACK SEA BASS Younger children no more than four times a month
    *HAKE (white, silver and red)
    HAKE (Chilean, Cape and Argentine)
    *HALIBUT (Pacific only) Older children 3 times a month, younger children twice
    *MACKEREL (Atlantic or Boston only)
    MAHI-MAHI Younger children 3 times a month
    *PACIFIC SAND DAB (yellowtail flounder)
    *SALMON (Pacific)
    *SOLE (gray, petrale, rex, yellowfin)
    SOLE (Dover; English or lemon, older children 3 times a month, younger children twice)


    CATFISH (domestic)
    STRIPED BASS (rockfish)
    *TROUT (rainbow); TROUT (steelhead)


    *CLAMS (northern quahogs)
    CLAMS (Atlantic surf, butter, Manila, ocean quahog, Pacific geoduck, Pacific littleneck and soft-shell)
    *CRAB (Dungeness, snow) Dungeness: younger children once a week
    CRAB (Florida stone, Jonah, king)
    *CRAYFISH (United States)
    *LOBSTER (American) Children 2 to 4 times a month
    *MUSSELS (farmed blue; wild blue, children 2 to 3 times a month)
    MUSSELS (New Zealand green, Mediterranean)
    OYSTERS (farmed Eastern and Pacific)
    *SCALLOPS (bay; Northeast, Canadian sea)
    *SHRIMP (wild American pink, white, brown)
    SHRIMP (spot prawns and northern shrimp)
    *SPINY LOBSTER (Caribbean, United States, and Australia)

  2. nice post. damn contaminant bs....I love my fish and I hate having to actually cut down on eating fish.

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