First Attempt At Carb Cycling, LOTS OF HELP NEEDED.

  1. First Attempt At Carb Cycling, LOTS OF HELP NEEDED.

    Will be carb cycling, two high, two medium, three low.
    I will have an off week somewhere in there, probably at week 6 or 7. During that off week I will go slightly Ketogenic. I will bump protein up to 400 grams, carbs will be ~50 to 75 grams a day, and then a carb up day on the 7th day of the week where I will go crazy and consume about 600grams. The point of this for me is to recomp while I am out here, I do not care about getting super ripped, just retaining most of my strength while dropping a few percent in bodyfat before my next clean bulk. If you check my supplements out, I should have no problem in doing this but have confusion with my macro levels, they seem way too high, this is where you more experienced people can come in.

    Note, BMR reduced by 20% of normal comes out to 2638. As you can see at the very bottom, I have difficulty classifying my body type, so if 20% is normal, then it should work for me, although 10% or 15% might be more ideal. If I am losing size, lots of strength or more than about 2 lbs a week I guess I can up kcals.

    Current Weight: Was consistanly at 206 but I'm at 203 right now after a horrible plane flight and getting sick for the past two days.

    Current bodyfat: Measured at 15.8 a few weeks ago, hasn't noticably increased since

    Body type: Have no idea. I'm tall and lanky, but I can put on weight fast. I do not remain super cut though, nor do I get a whole lot of fat gain. I have no damn idea what I am, I'm the middle of all three types.

    Supplements to be used while doing this:

    Albuterol (12 mgs/day then we will see how that works and go from there)
    Cre Ethyl Thunder
    Shock Therapy
    Optiumum Pro Complex
    Fish Oil
    Berry Greens
    High day levels:

    This is where I am confused, My BMR for losing weight (20% lower than normal BMR) is 2638. Without any fat, this comes out to 2648. With even 50 grams of fat, I'm at a 3k surplus. I do not do cardio on lifting days so that is 500 extra calories I won't be burning
    Carbs: 312 (Thinking of reducing this to 250 though, and having fats be at 33 grams like the other day)
    Protein: 350grams
    Fat: ?

  2. no need for two threads bro.

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