food facts link - includes popular restaurants

  1. Post food facts link - includes popular restaurants

    Not sure if you guys have seen this but thought it could help if you were looking for something particular that may not be available on





  2. easy to use tool to find fast food information (well known fast food places). The only one I could use though would be Boston Market and Subway

  3. yeah, I figured most people would use it for Subway or Boston Market they may have for lunch while at work or something. Even chik-fil-a could be a good choice if you are careful.

  4. boston market is right next to my gym so it is very convient when bulking, actually it is rediculously convinent. I have yet ot eat at subway but eventually will.

    Chich-Filets arent around here so I dont know what there all about.

  5. You in jersey right? I thought there were some in jersey but I could have seen them in philly I guess. basically good chicken sandwiches and salads.

  6. Good find Thanks for the link

  7. Here's another site that is similar:

  8. good finds....YMMV on how they make em though
    E-Pharm Nutrition Representative

  9. wow, sweet find Ronin, thanks

  10. is the bomb!!!


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