'Aisle-by-Aisle': Grocery Cart Strategy for Good Eating

  1. 'Aisle-by-Aisle': Grocery Cart Strategy for Good Eating

    Actually someone that teaches the average person to use common sense and check things for yourself and avoid product claims that don't include all the facts.

    SAN FRANCISCO -- Marion Nestle, a long-time nutrition professor at New York University and veteran consumer advocate, is known in the nutrition world for her straight-shooting, no-nonsense style.
    Sugary cereals. "The latest trend in kids' cereals is to emphasize how many vitamins and minerals they have, but many of these are so high in sugar that they are really vitamin-enriched, low-fat cookies."
    Organic produce. If a product carries the "Certified Organic" seal, it has met the standards established by the Department of Agriculture. "Pesticide-free produce may not look as pretty, but if you want fewer pesticides in your body and in the bodies of your children, buy organic."
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  2. Kind of common sense, but good article for newbies...
    E-Pharm Nutrition Representative

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