You hear so much "the diet is in check" from people who are wondering why they aren't getting results, and in the real world you see so many people who wonder why they aren't getting the same results as you are, even though they "claim" their diet is just as good if not better than yours. So my goal with this thread is to get create an informative list of "what" it is that an individual needs to get their diet "in check" and "why" you feel that they need that particular "what". I'd like as many people as possible to chime in and maybe help some of those of us who like to think our diet is on point, but really isn't. For example, and good response would be something like the following:

In order to get your diet in check, you need a Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator in order to guage how many calories you need to intake per day, based on your particular goal (cutting / bulking). A pretty decent one can be found here.