Hebrew National Hot Dogs, healthy?

  1. Hebrew National Hot Dogs, healthy?

    Sometimes I buy these all beef hebrew national hot dogs that are 97% fat free each and each hot dog has 1.5 grams of fat. I know it says 1.5 grams of fat but there is something that still feels wrong about eating a hot dog. It has sodiun nitrite in it, i've heard thats bad for you. Are these ok to eat for a protein source?Anyone out there eat these?

  2. Arent hot dogs like 6 to 8 grams of protein per dog??

  3. Yeah but I'm concearned with these particular hot dogs, have you had them? I think theyre ok. I just have some type of mental thing thats saying if its a hot dog its bad for you. It even has the little american heart association stamp on it. I guess I'm just paranoid. It would be great if anyone had more info.

  4. It's probably cool bro.

    I'll take a look next time I'm at the store. I bet they are high in sodium (but what isn't these days....)

  5. Oh well I'm on my way to the store in about 5 minutes so I will see if they have them there. Jmh is probably right about the sodium. I know what you mean about the name "hot dog" that just sounds gross lol I was told as a kid that it was ground up cow tongue and all that good stuff so I never ate them for that reason lol

  6. Definitely tons of preservatives. I wouldn't eat them all the time.

  7. Probably won't kill you, but I wouldn't go around thinking that when they say "beef" they mean there's a filet mignon or even tongue meat somewhere in that dog. Afterall, they're not killing whole cows just to make hotdogs, they're making hotdogs out of what's left over after they take out all the good stuff you see on your supermarket shelf.


    That said, Hebrew National's probably one of your better choices. The fact that they list "beef" as an ingredient and not "with byproducts" or "with variety meats" (heart, liver, kidney), "mechanically separated beef" or "beef trimmings" (advanced meat bone separation & meat recovery systems {yeah, ick}) is a positive in my mind.

  8. hebrew nationals are the best hotdog that you can buy, i'm a little bit worried about the cheaper ones you can get at walmart but our of all the dogs hebrew's have the least amount of raccoon and boot in there hotdogs. The only dog's I'll buy to make myself.

  9. You definitely don't need to worry about the hot dogs containing pig by-products.


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