Let me know what ya think of my diet...

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  1. I have not had a problem not eating carbs with my last meal, considering i satisfy my daily requirements right before.

  2. Also dude, what are your macro totals for this new plan?

  3. same as the last one, just changed the ratio around so the last meal doest have carbs in it.

  4. I dont remember it, is it on page 1? im honestly too lazy to check. I know right now my total macro level is 3700 and at 200ish im managing to slowly bulk, my split is probably like yours, but i eat the majority of my carbs in the morning and around workout, when they are most useful. I like it a lot better, but it probably doesn't matter.

  5. I am sitting around 3400, and I weight like 192, i think i am in more of a recomp diet then a true bulker, I am gonna weight a couple more wks, and if I am not seeing the results I want maybe I will move it up some.

  6. Ya that's how you have to do it, at 192 I think you should be at a good overall level, I wouldn't expect to lose a whole lot at that weight though because that is still quite a bit above your bmr.

  7. yah, i dunno about the losing fat though, I play college lacrosse at the moment and while that is going I burn quite a few cals.


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