What is 'GI' and a List of Common Foods

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    what about fruit like apples?
    Eat them. Eat raw, non-gmo fruit. If the sugar in fruit is going to ruin your figure you've got bigger problems, unless your doc tells you otherwise!!
    Apples: pectin is good for the gut and green (Granny Smith) apples contain Malic Acid, which is helpful for keeping the kidneys clear of stones forming.
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    this is great, bc I always was confused by GI's.. but I don't exactly understand how I can implement this in my diet..
    morning meals "banana to kickstart things" then sweet potatoes as my complex carbs.
    after workout: maltodextrin, and dextrose for insulin spike. and no carbs after about 4-5 o'clock "while dieting". That's basically a breakdown of the carbs in my diet "I am meticulous about measurements but that doesn't apply here" so how would knowing this help? simple carbs hit your system fast in the morning, complex carbs throughout the day, and simple carbs post workout- isn't that enough info??
    Ah... Sweet potato complex carbs ? I totally forgot that and I m having it post workout ...
    Can anyone correct my carbs for the day ... Like I m having sweet potato and grapes as my post workout carb ... Banana in breakfast And rice during lunch.
    Please correct my carbs for which it belongs also throw some other carb sources for me.
    My goal is to gain muscle.

  3. Skip the morning carbs and add them to your periworkout window. Pre, intra, or post. Don't over think things... they GI is not that useful and having carbs first thing in the morning is not a great idea unless you tend to stay lean easily. Setting the body for storage on your first meal isn't the best in that case. For an ectomorph carbs for breakfast make sense otherwise unless training in the AM no need. Also no carbs after 5:00 PM is an old and antiquated practice based off of bioscience. It only worked because people ate less calories overall doing that.
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