Cottage Cheese???

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  1. First of all my cottage cheese has to be 2 percent or I hate it AND it has to be really cold or I get freaked out by it

  2. I add no-sugar-added jam like Fifty brand jam to it. 1Tbs. per cup is about right. Yum!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by JKurz1
    What the hell do you guys add to make it taste better or am I just a puss? (House - dont answer that)

    My 2nd snack is cottage cheese and usually almonds and peanuts, but I think I want to switch my "nuts" intake to pre bed. How about granola? No sugar low fat? Moving from a fat/pro meal to a carb/protein meal. What would you reccomend, or is a little bit of each with maybe some splenda a good meal?
    less than 1/3 a table spoon of olive oil to 125 g cottage cheese will make you think you are eating a cheat meal....

  4. Quote Originally Posted by BIGnaturalBROCK
    less than 1/3 a table spoon of olive oil to 125 g cottage cheese will make you think you are eating a cheat meal....
    wtf that sounds horrible.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by BOHICA
    wtf that sounds horrible.

    It is horrible. I just tried it 15 min ago.

  6. 1 scoop of muscle milk, plain whey with CC has got to be the worst. Chocolat MM and CC is like Chocolate pudding. Grow and CC is the absolute best though.

  7. Here's what I do...I add 1 tablespoon of Sugar-free strawberry jam and mix it up thoroughly. Also, I compromise by eating the lowfat cottage cheese instead of the fat-free stuff...the extra taste is well worth the extra fat (it's not much fat anyways).

  8. I've been eating cottage cheese for a year or so now before going to bed and it's the perfect choice. I tried the natty pb, whey, and water mix with it, and it's pretty good. ONly two drawbacks I've experienced is that my batch of CC was funny tasting to begin with, and I dont' have a blender so it was still chunky. After I got past that it wasn't bad. Go CC.


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