Weight loss diets for women

  1. Weight loss diets for women

    A female friend of mine recently asked me to create a diet for her. She is about 20 yrs. old, 5'1" and "says" she weighs 117. Her goal is to lose about 10lbs, although I think she looks pretty good already.
    So the first thing I have her do is write down everything she eats for 2 days (24hr. recall). Then I plug all this stuff into a cool computer program I have and it gives me all kinds of cool data. Weeeelll, she averaged 750kcals on those two days, and was deficient in most vitamins, minerals, and of course calcium. She plays lacrosse and does cardio 3-4 times per week.
    She probably needs around 2100 kcals a day for maintenance, but considering her current intake, I set her up with 1500kcals/day to start. Here is a sample day I layed out:

    ½ of a grapefruit w/ splenda
    ¾ cup Kashi cereal
    8oz. skim milk

    ½ of a grapefruit w/ splenda
    1 can tuna in water
    1.5 Tbsp. light mayo
    1 whole wheat English muffin or ½ of a whole wheat bagel

    4oz. grilled chicken breast
    2 cups salad greens
    2 Tbsp. Fat free dressing
    1 Fish Oil Cap

    Snack 1
    ½ cup Fiber One cereal
    ½ cup skim milk

    Snack 2
    Fresh Veggies (celery, broccoli, cauliflower, dill pickle, NOT carrots)
    2 Tbsp. Fat free dressing
    1 cup Silk Vanilla soymilk

    Bedtime Snack
    ½ cup fat free cottage cheese
    Dannon Light n Fit Carb Control Yogurt
    1 Tbsp. Peanut Butter
    2 Fish Oil Caps

    2 Tbsp. flax seed

    1480 kcals
    170g Carb (44%)
    38g Fat (22%)
    134g Protein (36%)

    I am starting around 45/35/20 c/p/f, and will tweak it as she goes. At 1500kcals a day, I am shooting for about a pound a week in weight loss.

    In addition, I am having her do a multi w/iron, and drink at least 2 cups of coffee per day. Other than fish oil, I don't want to push any supps on her, because honestly I don't have enough time to explain why sesathin isn't a steroid, etc.

    A weight training plan is in negotiations, because she doesn't want to get "ripped." Pretty much, she beleives all of the myths regarding women and weights, and spaces out when I try to explain things to her. I am hopeful that I can reach a compromise.

    Guys...suggestions and opinions?

  2. That diet sounds pretty good imho especially when you consider what her normal kcal intake was. She was most likely not eating but once or twice a day so her metabolism was crawling even with all her activity. I hear 1500 kcals a day and I just think "MAJOR SHRINKAGE" and muscle wasting away!!! but she is only 5'1" after all.......

    Also, I think women should train similar to men. They should definately squat. They wont get "huge and ripped" and I know you know this already. The best way to get across to her might be to show her some pictures of females that would know who weight train, and then ask her what she thinks they do. She will prolly say something like really low weight, lots of reps...blah blah. They tell her what their secrets really are

    just a suggestion, I know it will be tough to tell her about sesamin and try to tell her that she should do the same exercises men do...

    Good luck!

  3. nice info for starters

  4. Yea good info and good diet lay out!
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