Giving my agrenal system some R&R

  1. Giving my agrenal system some R&R

    I'm looking atthe best methods and supplements to give my adrenals some rest. I'm pretty burned out from a 8 year coffe addiction as well as extensive ephedrine use over the last two years.
    I think I read Dr. Ds post somewhere about DHEA supplementation before bedtime, but have not turned up any good info.

  2. L-tyrosine also helps with the good old adrenal burnout, for me i like to have 2-3 grams daily...

    Also helps with coping with the ephedrine withdrawl headaches....

  3. Fatigue, The 21st Century Stress Syndrome by Dr. James L. Wilson is a great book on the subject of adrenal fatigue and repair. And here is a link that may provide some info too.

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