Will donating plasma effect athletic performance?

  1. Will donating plasma effect athletic performance?

    My roommate does it and he's a fat bastard. It sounds like an easy way to supplement my income. Sad, you can make like 60 dollars a week just by donating twice.
    I work out like 6 days a week though barring injuries. I wont do it if it's gonna make me weak.

  2. Most likely it will effect your performance but that is until your body makes more plasma to correct what was lost from the donation. After that you should be fine but i am no expert by any stretch and dont know how long it will take for plasma levels to return to baseline either.

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    I am no expert either, but I don't think that is should affect you all that much. Since you are only losing plasma, and not red blood cells, I don't see a reason for you to lose athletic performance. The only way I could see that happening is if the loss of plasma slows down the movement of RBCs in your body, thus your tissues won't be getting a good oxygen supply. This is all my own opinion though.

  4. You know you got to be broke as a joke if your thinking about donating plasma for loot. Another thing my roommate says is there's alot of hot college babes donating for extra cash. He tries to holla at them but he says they just look at him like he's a dork or something.

  5. Thats funny though isn't it. He tries to pick up babes at the blood bank. He figures if they let them donate then they must not have any diseases. So it's all good.

  6. Ha, the reason I responded to this thread is because I was in the same boat. When I first moved out of my parents house at 19 I was super broke. I looked into donating plasma and I could have made something like $270 a month. I probably would have felt like **** and I found out through research that you can start getting track marks and little bumps under your skin that look like marbles where you get stuck with the needle.

  7. When I was in college we called it the stab lab....

    You can get drunk off a couple of beers after you donate...I would never do this now though...God I use to do stupid stuff.

  8. donate on your OFF days and you'll be fine.

  9. With less plasma, wouldn't blood flow be more sluggish, thus hindering athletic performance?

  10. the best thing to do is to donate blood and then smoke a cigarette really really fast right after you leave lol you get a headrush so intense you gotta sit down or you'll fall over.

  11. your body will recover within a day (according to my anatomy and physiology professor)

    athletic performance shouldnt be affected too much because like someone said RBC's arent lost


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