tempurpedic mattress

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  1. No, these mattresses will not help you. Sleeping on your stomach is the worst in terms of chiropractic health...it's likely no mattress will improve your comfort for long.

  2. I see haha. Well I doubt I'll be able to make myself comfortable sleeping on my back anytime soon. Just something about it doesn't feel right, like when I fall asleep on my stomach it feels like I'm drifting down into the mattress haha.

    My back and everything is fine. It's just my shoulder and neck muscles are stiff due to tension rather than the bones themselves causing discomfort.

  3. I have Temp. pillows and love them. They definitely improved my sleep. In the future, I imagine I will buy the bed itself as well.

  4. I was in a waterbed before we got the Temper bed and I could no sleep on my stomach at all on that bed, but on this one I fall asleep on my stomach with no problem, I fall asleep fast on this bed because I get comfortable really quick.......

  5. Quote Originally Posted by spoolin
    I have herd alot of good things about the select comfort beds. The one that has air in it. The only complaint i hear about the foam matresses is how they retain heat.
    i have one of the select comfort beds... it is the best bed i've ever had. would never get anything else. its pretty damn cool how you have adjust both sides of the bed as far as how firm you want it, and i've had it for the last two years with no problems.

  6. I read a thread on fatwallet.com and bought a 3" tempurpedic top cover for $120. 10% off, $1 shipping.

    I like mine alot, it was so large I folded it in half and have a 6". It isn't really good for sex but for sleep its awesome.

    --- edit ----

    I bought the tempurpedic top cover for $120 from overstock -- fatwallet.com gave the 5% cashback and 10% off, $1 shipping.


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