Favourite Snack during Diet

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by scott72
    Nah, 3 hours of Halo REALLY makes me wanna eat and eat A LOT!!
    3 hours of Halo would make me puke!
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  2. Halo rocks!! You stick to your mariokart bP

  3. Celery sticks with a little bit of natty peanut butter on them....mmmmmmm

    while im talking about celery.......does anyone know if celery has a diuretic effect??? it seems like when i eat like 5 or 6 fairly large sticks of it....i piss like a racehorse for most of the day??? i know that celery has like 20 or 30mg of potassium per cup or so.....just notice the increase of urination when i eat it....

  4. How about Tostito's light corn chips( i think theyre fat free) and salsa? Kinda like the nuts though, i find it hard to just eat a few.

  5. Boobies

  6. Cut a MacIntosh apple in half, cut out the core, put a tbsp of Natty PB in the middle, and wash it down with 2 cups of delicious skim milk. If you eat it with a can of tuna (I use a salad, sandwhich is good too) the nutritional profile is like 500cals, 70g protein, 50g carbs, 8 g fat. Complete meal, really good...Sooo good..lol


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