Favourite Snack during Diet

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  1. couple of tbs of natty peanutbutter satisfies my sweet tooth craving

  2. Celery sticks or gum always did the trick for me. Celery sticks and hot sauce actually :-). Be careful with the beef jerkey though because of the massive amounts of sodium. Depending on what type of diet you are doing.

  3. My favorite snack when dieting is rice cakes w/splenda & cinnamon.

  4. fat free mozarella cheese

  5. Quote Originally Posted by ryano
    xbox baby
    Nah, 3 hours of Halo REALLY makes me wanna eat and eat A LOT!!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by scott72
    Nah, 3 hours of Halo REALLY makes me wanna eat and eat A LOT!!
    3 hours of Halo would make me puke!
    Recent log:http://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/213350-lean-efx-refined.html

  7. Halo rocks!! You stick to your mariokart bP

  8. Celery sticks with a little bit of natty peanut butter on them....mmmmmmm

    while im talking about celery.......does anyone know if celery has a diuretic effect??? it seems like when i eat like 5 or 6 fairly large sticks of it....i piss like a racehorse for most of the day??? i know that celery has like 20 or 30mg of potassium per cup or so.....just notice the increase of urination when i eat it....

  9. How about Tostito's light corn chips( i think theyre fat free) and salsa? Kinda like the nuts though, i find it hard to just eat a few.

  10. Boobies

  11. Cut a MacIntosh apple in half, cut out the core, put a tbsp of Natty PB in the middle, and wash it down with 2 cups of delicious skim milk. If you eat it with a can of tuna (I use a salad, sandwhich is good too) the nutritional profile is like 500cals, 70g protein, 50g carbs, 8 g fat. Complete meal, really good...Sooo good..lol


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