The best diet for a natural to cut with

  1. The best diet for a natural to cut with


    I wondered what diet tips you could give somebody who is aiming to cut up naturally (i.e. no anabolics, clenbuterol, t3, dnp or whatever).

    Currently, this is what i'm eating:

    Meal 1: soy milk with oats/bran muesli and lots of fruit + nuts + a soy/egg white protein shake

    Meal 2: Something like: 1 chicken breast, some brown rice OR whole egg noodles with tuna OR pork/beef/turkey or another meat with salad (lettuce, carrots, egg whites)

    Meal 3: Soy/egg white blend shake, or a serving of the above

    Meal 4: Same as 2

    DURING SHAKE: when I finish weights, before heading to do cardio, i have 1 scoop whey with 20 grams dextrose, and 5 grams BCAAs
    POST WORKOUT SHAKE: 1 scoop whey, 50 grams oats

    At this point I will stop major carb intake for the day, and normally just eat meats, along with perhaps some vegetables.

    meal 5: 200 grams chicken breast with 150 grams of green vegetables, carrots or mushrooms

    meal 6: 100 grams chicken breast, 6 egg whites, 1 scoop of soy/egg white protein blend.

    I also snack throughout the day until the workout on raisins, nuts and apples (not too many mind, maybe 1 apple a day, 100 grams raisins, 80 grams nuts...).

    My aims:
    -To get ripped
    -To feel healthier
    -To get fitter

    My stats:
    15 stone (210 lbs)
    ~ 19% BF after a 4 month bulk

    My questions:

    - Am i consuming too much fruit?
    - Is cutting carbs after the post workout shake the best way?
    - what do you think of my 'during the workout' shake + BCAAs?
    - I tend to store fat around the bum/back of legs area the most, and I know that spot fat reduction isn't possible, but any tips on how to accelerate this?

    Thanks very much in advance,


  2. I am no expert or guru but I can tell you what I think..No I don't think you are consuming too much fruit, fruit is an invaluable source of low GI carbs (for the most part) and nutrients, good stuff whether bulking or cutting. Did you mean cut carbs completely PWO, because I don't think that will help you at all, you still need those carbs as a re-feed. I have never really gotten into the during shake with BCAA's but I know alot of the more seasoned guys around here swear by that so that looks good. And unfortunately the first place you put it on is the last place it will leave, you are just gonna have to be patient to see that fat dissipate. Good luck on your cut, and remember I am definitely not an expert.

  3. Good advice there

    Anybody else?

  4. over 15%bodyfat, PSFM

    15 and under, UD2.0

  5. 40/40/20

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Drachus
    over 15%bodyfat, PSFM

    15 and under, UD2.0
    I concure.

  7. don't remember exactly what it's called, but search for cyclic ketogenic diet, or CKD

  8. The only food I eat specifically during a lean phase is grapefruit. Mostly because I love the taste( especially the ruby reds). It seems to keep my appetite down, while keeping my mind fresh. I believe there is some evidence to suggest a repartitioning factor or maybe an ATP enhancement. There is some interaction with other supps and foods that should be carefully observed.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by stug0tz
    i feel like an idiot asking.....but what does PSFM and UD2.0 stand for?
    Go here for UD2.0 it is a type of diet focused on body recomp...

    And PSMF stands for protein sparing modified fast diet.

  10. Ud 2.0

  11. i just think it is awesome that you guys still use Stone as a mesurment of weight... i want to use stone!

  12. IMHO, the best diet for a natural lifter to cut on would be straight up 40/40/20, using caloric and carbohydrate cycling techniques and the right types and proper amounts of cardiovascular training.

    I highly, highly recommend that you read 'Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle' by natural bodybuilder Tom Venuto. Take a look at this guy:

    He lays out the diet and training plan to get that ripped in his BTFFTM book. Admittedly, the first few chapters are kind of self-motivational psychology stuff (you can do it!!) - but he really gets into some cool diet and training techniques in the last half of the book.

    Id say CKD and other VLCD (very low carbohydrate diets) have their uses, but they are more effective as tools when you're really trying to shred down then an effective long term diet strategy for staying lean. I did a CKD for 5 weeks when I was 240lbs and about 18-19% BF. It worked just like everybody said it would (lost 10lbs and ~2% BF), but the initial strength drop during the first two weeks sucked - some bros can stay on a CKD for along time but personally I wouldnt want to for more than 4-8 weeks tops.

    Ive been employing the 40/40/20 technique for the past 4 weeks in addition to 5-7 30 minute cardio sessions a week and the fat is coming right off and I'm slowly gaining strength.

    I am using a myriad of natural supps and low doses of EC - but no hormonal supps at all.


  13. 40/40/20 for sure!

    I went from ~190lbs at 20%BF to ~160 @ 10%BF at my lowest.
    I still lost strength due to cutting my calories too low but overall it was the most successful cutting 'cycle' ive done. I supplemented with lipo-6 and clen at the end once i hit a plateau.
    I'd definately reccomend slowly tapering calories down though and don't start too low.
    I tried UD2.0 for two weeks...and it was HELL.

    Ahh..cutting time is nearing again..only this time I know a lot more..and have anabolics
    This year cutting begins at 205lbs @ 15%BF...Ha, I used to be the fat kid...I was 230lbs with 30%...Oh how things change.

  14. You've got good answers above, but I have to add that it's very important for to stop eating estrogen-mimicing soy products ASAP. Don't finish them off, just put them in the trash and don't look back.

    If you require details, just Google "soy endocrine" or "soy estrogen". The first hit under the latter is a good article by Dr. Michael Lam that addresses the misguided "what about the Asians?" argument.


  16. I just started the LeanGains/IF diet routine. Interested to see how that one goes. I've probably had my most success with carb cycling.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions rep

  17. UD 2.0 / lean gains.

    ud 2.0 is hardcore though. its not your run of the mill workout program. leangains is easier
    For me, the action IS the juice.


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