Increasing Nitrogen Retention

  1. Increasing Nitrogen Retention

    I understand that certain AAS are more effective at increasing Nitrogen Retention and Protein Synthesis than others, but are there any ways/methods/supplements for someone to NATURALLY increase nitrogen retention? Ecdy shows promise, but perhaps there are others. Any input or help is appreciated.

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  2. Protein is damn good at increasing nitrogen balance.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by doggzj
    Protein is damn good at increasing nitrogen balance.
    Yeah but what Im saying is there anything that can make the "excess protein" that I am eating more efficient? Less waste is a good thing, especially when I make people gag w/ this gas.

  4. I take digestive enzymes they really help with the gas and I feel like they help quite a bit. Maybe look into that. There is nothing better for nitrogen retention than food.

  5. Ok, maybe I am just confused and not asking the correct questions, or I am just hard to understand. Of course it isn't that easy to understand things over the internet, and have never really been that good at portraying my words.

    I realize that eating every 2.5 hours increases nitrogen retention. I do that now (actually about every 3 hours), and my diet totals about 350g protein per day. If you have any questions on my diet, I have a log and it has a skeleton diet, but it changes everyday. I eat 6-7 meals per day, each either right at or over 50g protein.

    Here is an excerpt from ALRI's product "Retain"

    The use of anabolic/androgenic steroids (AAS) or hormonalogs triggers anabolism or tissue building (more commonly referred to as protein synthesis) in excess of what is considered normal. In short, packing on the beef. This is a means of altering the balance or ratio between anabolism/catabolism in favor of anabolism and increased muscle mass. During protocols employing hormonal substances such as hormonologs, the body attempted to re-establish the balance between anabolism/catabolism (homeostasis) in a variety of ways. First, after a few weeks, the body begins to step-up cortisol production to trigger catabolism equal to AAS induced anabolism.

    Granted, this may be a sales pitch, if it is then it is a good one.****1061

    That is more or less what I am asking. Read some of that article. So blocking cortisol levels will increase protein retention. What are some supplements that you have tried that have increased protein synthesis? What about new products like Symmetry and Powerfull where people are reporting muscle gains but WHY?

    If I take a daily dose of Dbol that is 10mg per day (i.e. Larry Scott), why will I gain muscle mass better than per say if I don't use any supplements at all. Its obviously not a anabolic dose, but its a anti-catabolic dose, and it increases protein retention correct?

    Should I really spend money on these products and how effective are they? Just wanted to get a discussion going.

  6. Hormones increase protein synthesis by increasing mRNA translocation and gene expression. Its on the genetic level. I doubt there is anything out there (non hormonal) that will do this on this level. Of course certian products will help with creating a better environment for growth (water retention, amino acid levels, etc..) but its not going to be in the same ballpark as anything hormonal.

    You want increased nitrogen retention? Supplement with BCAA's.
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  7. Of course, food and caloric levels are the most important.
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  8. Thanks for your help Bobo


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