"if Only I Could Go Back In Time"

  1. "if Only I Could Go Back In Time"

    My cousin keeps asking me to put together a program for him (diet and training). He has about 6 months of expereince in the gym. He is young, 16, but im not talking about PHs here. If I am breaking any rule please let me know. Any input on some good pointers for him. God to be that age again and actually eat right (and alot)....bet id look much different today.

  2. Is your cousin doing this for sport, or does he want to gain mass?

    Just some general ideas basing this on how I wish I could have done it when I was 16:
    -Eat as soon as I wake up
    -Eat before sleep
    -Peri work out feedings
    -Low Volume but a bit more frequency
    -Do the least amount necessary to realize progress
    -Focus on compound exercises with some unilateral leg training and bodyweight exercises thrown in
    -Start each work out with squats or deads
    -Light stretching after working out isn't a bad thing
    -Eat, eat, eat, sleep and grow
    -Finally, avoid muscle mags for information. Trying to train like Bertil Fox nearly killed me. I can't imagine what articles and pics of Ronnie Coleman would have made me do.

  3. This is his current split....He has been training with his dad. His dad just emailed this to me.
    Tues: Torso
    Machine Chest Press
    Machine Row
    Machine shoulder press
    Machine pull down

    Thurs: Legs/arms
    Leg Press
    Calf Raises
    Machine dip
    Cable curls

    Sat or Sun: Power
    BB bench press
    BB squat or hack squat machine

    He has been doing 2 working sets after 1 warm-up for each lift.
    Well, thats it...He is training for baseball and football. What do you guys think?? Recommendations?

  4. FYI Im just worried about him still growing....I know heavy is not the way to go...I was thinking of telling him to up the working sets to 3 and doing high reps/low weight (like reps of 15 or so) for 4 weeks and switching to reps of 10 with heavier weight for 4 weeks and see how that does for him. I REALLY dont like his split. But his father was a powerlifter and he thinks its a good program. I will definitely focus on diet too. Ill stress the importance of protein, BCAAs, arginine, glutamine and a high cal diet in general. Any ideas what a good split might be for someone who has just turned 16?? frequency??

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