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  1. tattoopierced1
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    Where would one get these proteolytic enzymes, or is that a no no to post?

  2. Look up Now Foods Super Enzymes, one of my favs I believe nutraplanet has them..

    If not, I'll harass Sam to get them in..

  3. how on earth can you afford all the food and supps? That is amazing. I thought my husband ate a lot!!!!

  4. Hello! I can answer your question quite easily..

    1. I work as a fitness nutrition consultant for an independent natural product store.. It's a new thing for them to have actual certified personnel besides the co-owner being a clinical nutritionist.. I help take the weight off her, so they like me for that..

    2. I've always made a point to make friends in high places.. A large percentage of my supps were/are gratis.. Although I rep for Designer Supps, I don't feel as if I get free product form them since I do something they asked me to do, but I do get goodies from alot of companies thanks to my line of work.. I've been getting free supps since 2001 before working in a supplement store, it got to a point where I would hand out stuff 'cause I had too much to take myself.. The supps I take year-round I of course hoard for me..

  5. Thank you for your responce. That is realy neat. You must really like your job



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