Capzasn-HP + Neoprene waist belt great for low back

  1. Capzasn-HP + Neoprene waist belt great for low back

    I'm not sure what forum to put this in and this may sound a little stupid(but when you get old you will understand)...
    I stumbled on this by accident and for people with moderate low back pain this kicks ass . I have slight arthritis in low back proably from overuse during the years. Flares up on occassion and I don't like taking motrin mobic vioxx etc

    Ice back the night before
    1.Capzasn-hp rubed on stomach and back. (start with 33 percent stuff)
    2. Put neoprene waist belt on
    3. Do morning cardio for 45 minute
    use biofreeze afterwards
    Intense heat,skin cooks,back feels ****ing great. The heat intensifes as your pulse goes up and the first couple of times yo do it's painful(see avant forum for more info)
    I may try this on my knees and would loveee to find a way to do this for my shoulder. Also exfoliates the **** out of your skins(might be good for stretch marks)

    Trying to take a shower immediately after you do this is an unforgetable experience(i.e painful)

  2. also a good sub Q fat burning technique...

  3. That how i started, using the capazin plus lipoderm for fat loss.
    But later when I had back pain I put the belt on before getting on the treadmil. This feels like steam heat and the intensity increases the longer you walk or run.

  4. just make sure not to get too much sweat dripping down to your boys

    could be painful

  5. I have bad shoulders, what do you think for them

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Ripped1
    I have bad shoulders, what do you think for them
    Would need to find a neoprene shoulder brace. I have not looked into to much. I imagine Sport Academy or some sporting good store would have them.
    I'm interested in trying it for stretch marks on the shoulder/chest area if I find a brace

  7. Cool, i will look into this later today after i go tan and train. i could use any thing that will east the pain. Two torn rotater cuffs, one surgery to repair a tendon you bet I need something

  8. I had a strained rotar cuff before, a chiroprator gave me a good hint.
    Do all presses with palms facing in.
    Flyes are an example. Paralel dips are ok. Arnolds may be ok depending on how you do them(only facing away at the top). Give up flat benching or don't go all the way down with the bar. Hammer stength inclines are ok(wrist are turned slightly inward)

    Interested to know how it goes with your shoulder. Good luck

  9. Ya we tried to flat bench but it always messes up my shoulders. Have recently started doing flys. Working well and I will keep you posted on the therapy with the brace

  10. I must be a ***** because I almost died with the Cap HP stuff on my stomach/lower back.

  11. I almost died to first couple of times but it goes away. I use latex gloves to put it on now. I got this on little guy once and was in serious pain. I thought rubbing alchol might help(big ****ing mistake)

    Chuck Norris would just put this on his balls on purpose. Just cause he could(so i hear).

  12. Dear God. That's torture of the worst kind.
    Forget a cartoon of a turbin head.

    I washed my hands twice after putting it on without gloves. A few minutes later I had an itch on my balls. A little while afte that, things started to heat up - that was through shorts and underwear.

  13. Beyond a Century sells capsaicin in a roll-on container, which allows you to avoid getting it on your hands.

    NO PAIN roll-on triple strength Capsaicin lotion from Young Again. Blocks feeling of pain of arthritis, etc. by reducing a substance that relays pain messages to the brain, and prostaglandin E2 which causes inflammation, allowing muscles to relax. Gives sensation of heat. Works great! 2 oz., $6.50. Code 612.0

    I'm surprised more companies dont make it as a rollon- the cream is so problematic for people. What's the most common? You put it on, and then within an hour go to take a piss. freakin hell.

    Other funny escapades....One time my girlfriend late at night thought the capsaicin cream was the toothpaste. I dont think she ever forgave me. Another time, I think she kissed an area where I had it on, and then went down for a BJ. Not only her mouth was on fire, but then my damn johnson had it on it. We were both screaming and cursing at each other for what seemed to be an eternity. Ahh.. good times... good times....

    Capsaicin on shoulders and elbows is great. Just put it on before leaving for the gym, and it will be ready to go by the time you're thru warm ups.

    I agree w/ using it for low back - really helped me get thru the rehab from back surgery. Great way to avoid using NSAIDS.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Ripped1
    I have bad shoulders, what do you think for them
    At 46, I get back and joint pains pretty often. I've been using capsicum products for years (lower and upper back, knees, elbows etc..). Started with Liquid Heat (that stuff is f-n nasty!!). Anywho, i get into working I use a fairly tight compression shirt for a base layer. Helps you get hot in a hurry. Use futuro elbow supports on upper body days as well. On leg days, once I get into working sets (presses or a squat movement) my wraps get things going. If I'm really stiff or Osteo kicks up in my knees, I'll wear compression tights under my sweats.

  15. Okay, so I am a few years late to the party. LOL But I am interested in the application of Capzasin HP to lose Sub Q Fat. Does anyone have any information on that or a testimonial? Thank you!!!

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Kyler11 View Post
    Okay, so I am a few years late to the party. LOL But I am interested in the application of Capzasin HP to lose Sub Q Fat. Does anyone have any information on that or a testimonial? Thank you!!!
    just rub it in like suggested above. It works well, but don't expect miracles. They have a new roll on one now which i would suggest so you don't get it on your hands etc and end up touching things you shouldn't



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