Redemption - Mass_69's Retransformation Journal

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  1. good job man! Keep up the good work and keep on posting your progress

  2. Unhappy

    hey guys.
    i tried this ABCDE thing in like '97. it worked like a BOMB.
    i went from 180/15% fat to 185/6% to 190/10% in 2 cycles (2 mths).
    ALL WHILE BEING A VEGETARIAN. to be fair, i do eat fish.
    i started out with 4 weeks of cutting, then bulked out of 14 days. man on the 15th day EXACTLY, i started seeing the fat going on visibly. b4 that that it was just a smoothing over of the muslce definition. but the 15th day was a reality check. so i instantly dieted. i cheated the 1st 2 days. its real hard to do it especially after eating like 4000 calories a day. even though the 2nd week of overeating had me looking forward to dieting again. i got so sick of food. but i did it and i got even MORE cut by the end of the 2nd phase.
    then i did it all over again and THAT was where the magic happened. my friends saw me on the beach and basically told me i was too big. one exclaimed "where the **** did u do THAT??". the other said, "dude, rock stars DONT look like that. no one would take u seriously".
    i show my gf pics of me from 5 yrs ago and she can NOT believe it. i want it back. she's a fitness science major and is preaching to me that at my age my metabolic rate drop would not allow me to.
    i know different and i need to prove her wrong.

    anyway, i then left my country (trinidad) shortly after that and came to live in the great US.
    the 1st 2 yrs i kept in check. never got back that kind of muscle at 190lbs, im 5'9" by the way, but kept a good body.
    but over the course of the past 3 yrs ive steadily lost muscle (read discipline) and gained fat. last aug i was 180/18%. then i had an accident and ripped my left patella tendon in half. slipped and fell on a wet staircase with my gf in my arms.
    u have no idea what 3 mths of immobility (no excercise) does to u!
    i have never looked worse than i do now. in my life! i am ashamed of myself and everytime i try to start back this ABCDE thing, cause i know it to be the fastest way to get in shape, i fall off the ladder due to lack of discipline.
    it sucks. BALLS. i look so bad, i dont even like my gf looking at me.
    im a musician and i never thought id be THAT GUY on stage. man.

    so ive decided to start again.
    i am now 41 and need to get back on track. i want my body back by the end of april. im now 190lbs/21%.

    hopefully this blog will keep me focused. i start NOW.

    any and all comments are truly and desparately welcome. be as cruel as u want.

  3. Sounds similar to my situation - tried it back in the 90's, got in the best shape of my life, had an injury, fell off the ladder and am now fed up with it. This is definitely what I needed to jump-start myself.

    Good luck to you.

  4. sweet. good luck to u 2.
    today was my 1st day. didnt do too well tonight. ate a little too much chinese. but i was good all day and did my HIIT sprints this morning b4 i ate.
    ill be good tomorrow for sure. i dont want this lasting more than 4 weeks.
    i have found that it takes 10 days of stiking to this b4 i even begin to see fat loss.
    from that point, i look different every morning and every evening. i love that time. its so intoxicating.
  5. Re: Redemption - Mass_69's Retransformation Journal-FINAL

    OK guys, the end of phase 1 (12 weeks, 3 ABCDE cycle) is over. Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I actually came on about 2 days ago to update this, had a good write-up, and my facking laptop froze.

    Well, the 3rd ABCDE cycle wasn't all that great. I wasn't well during the 1st 2 weeks/Bulking period, and missed some workouts.

    During the cutting period, I did add M-TRN (4.5mg/day) & 4-AD (900mg/day). I did not restrict calories down to the 1800 I did the previous 2 cycles. Due to the "auxillaries," I kept calories slightly below maintenance. Noticed a small strength increase, no real noticable "cut," and probably some bloat from the 4-AD.

    I ran P-GHt throughout the entire 3rd cycle. I noticed a little extra pump during the Bulking period/1st two weeks, but not much else. I think I looked a little younger in the mirror last week.

    Here are the results:

    Weight: 223 lbs.
    Chest: 46 6/8"
    Waist: 38 4/8"
    Right Arm: 16 1/8"
    Left Arm: 15 6/8"
    Right Thigh: 26"
    Left Thigh: 26 2/8"
    Bodyfat %: ? (Battery Dead on Digital Calipers, Guess was ~17%)

    Weight: 206 lbs.
    Chest: 46"
    Waist: 37"
    Right Arm: 15 7/8"
    Left Arm: 15 3/8"
    Right Thigh: 25 2/8"
    Left Thigh: 25 3/8"
    Bodyfat %: 12.7% (Average of 3 Measures)

    It's an improvement and close to where I wanted to be, but I wanted to be a tad bit leaner. Oh well, I have 2 more 12 week plans ahead (with a week off in between each) before the wedding in October. For my next 12 weeks, I probably won't post constant updates, as I am going to eat slightly below maintenance, unless certain "auxillaries" are added, and I will bump calories. I am thinking of throwing the ABCDE program back in for the final 12 weeks.

    Before & After Pics:
    01-2006_02.jpg - Before in January
    03-2006_01.jpg - After, Taken this past weekend in the AM (cold)
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