Do Keto Salts and Esters Work?

  1. Do Keto Salts and Esters Work?

    Years and years ago, I tried to get into ketosis but had a difficult time.

    It took 6 days of zero carbs to turn purple on Keto sticks.

    However, now I see people are selling ketosis salts, esters, etc. as supplements that promise to get into ketosis faster.

    1. Do these keto products actually help a person go into real ketosis that fast? Or, is it that when you use a ketostick, it will show because you ingested something and am now excreting it?

    2. Any other advice?

    I'd love to try ketosis again, as it is probably the fastest way to lose fat, all other things being equal.

  2. Keto sticks are no representation if you are in Keto or not... if you are producing keynotes for use, they are being used, not lingering in your urine. The products they are selling are supposed to give you energy at least. I'm not so sure of it. I tried a tub of the 'best' Keto Salts, and honestly felt nothing of note regarding energy.

    It takes 2-3 days to get into ketosis. If you drop out of it, the same.
    The benefits for me being on Ketosis:

    - No hunger pangs (No carb cravings)
    - Losing fat as you use it for fuel (They are converted to ketones more readily)
    - Muscle preservation in a deficit

    I'd steer clear of any exogenous ketone sources and rely on diet first.
    High Fat, Medium Protein at best, then below 50g of Carbs

    Take a fiber supplement at the beginning..
    No need to test yourself really. You'll know you are in ketosis in two ways. No cravings, and your weight is dropping.

    - Snack on fats, so have them handy (i.e., Pork Rinds)
    - Drink Water (lots)
    - Stay away from Caffeine if you can
    - Try bulletproofing your coffee if you like (Ghee Butter / Heavy Cream)
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    Want to know more?

  3. They make you feel better the first couple days of low carb eating, before you start to adjust to it but they serve no purpose past that.

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