Ok so quick question! How much fat is OK when on the low carb part of your carb cycle?!

    I've heard that it's okay to go over normal cuz your carbs are so low? But how much over is optimal??

  2. well just to ask, whats your purpose for carb cycling??? I would just fill in the remainder of my calories with fat after hitting my protein minimums.

    but theres really no reason to carb cycle....

  3. If cutting, I would have protein at 1.25-1.5 grams per pound of body weight, carbs at whatever the program suggests and fats will make up the rest of the calories. I carb cycle and have two versions of a low carb day. One version where I have a low carb day where I lift and a low carb on a rest day. My fats on the low carb lifting days is currently at ~102 grams or ~34% of my macros and on the low carb rest days, my fats are at ~150 grams or `50% of my calories.
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