Quick Sodium v rest of my diet question.

  1. Quick Sodium v rest of my diet question.

    Personally I've never paid much attention to sodium, and have read before water intake can counteract high sodium intake. My question for more informed on this...how much of an effect does it have?

    For the past week (with more strict monitoring) I've kept my diet to this range:
    Calories: 1700-1900
    Carbs: 185-215
    Fat: 50-65g
    Protein: 190-200

    But sodium (which I'm sure comes from some of my instant meals I use at work and such)
    has been around 3700-4400.

    I usually take about a gallon and half down of water per day, sometimes more.

    Will that kind of sodium amount make any difference on cutting?

    6'2 about 230 right now

  2. You will hold some water weight. Though if anything you should be judging your cut by how you look in the mirror, not by the scale.
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