How do I know im eating enough

  1. How do I know im eating enough

    Hello! I lift regularly and feel dizzy often when I'm laying down-I think due to low blood sugar from not eating enough. I feel like I eat enough but I'm not sure, and also what are some good foods for muscle gain??

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    Sounds like something to bring up to your doctor to rule out a medical condition first.

    As for eating more, answer = eat more.
    Want to add clean carbs for energy try rice/ potatoes/oatmeal
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  3. something a lot of guys don't think about is that its just as important to count and track calories if you're trying to gain as it is if you're trying to lose.

    If you think it feels like low blood sugar, its easy enough to go to a walgreens or walmart, and pick up a cheap around ($20) diabetes monitor that comes with a sample size set of test strips and lancets. Then you can test it yourself next time you feel that way.

    Although I'd have to think that if you question whether you're eating enough, you probably aren't.

  4. Yea, I'd definitely check out myfitness pal or any other calorie tracking app and take a few days to log all of your food. You'll probably be surprised with what you find. Give that a shot then check back!
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  5. What are you eating now? When are you eating these foods? Do you have sensitivities or allergies to any foods?
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  6. I am always amazed at how little food some people eat. Maybe I'm just a glutton, but I could not survive on what some people call meals. A lot of times, people don't even realize they're not eating enough food until I get them to figure out their daily caloric needs with this formula.

    I hope you understand eating more of the right foods helps increase your metabolism. The key is to find balance between exercising and healthy eating, while tracking your progress to see what works for you. Like Haitham Arifaki, professional fight trainer, says in his book "In general, people should eat more fresh vegetables, eat less sugar, eat less fat, and bread should be wholegrain rather than white."

    Some diseases, like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, are often lifestyle and diet related. It seems clear that if we learn some lessons from this and similar bookst, we can reduce the risk of both nutrient deficiency and degenerative diseases.

    I hope this will help you.

  7. You could up your food intake until you start to gain weight. Knowing this will tell about how much you need to eat to gain, maintain or lose weight. However, depending on your body type, activity level etc..., you may have to eat a lot more to gain weight. Either way, if you can get the point where your gaining about .5 lb a week, you may find the dizziness subsides. If you eat clean and get a good rest each night while gaining slowly and avoid over training, you will put on quality muscle. However, see your Dr for dizziness now as it may be something else....good luck.


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