Treatment Options For Cyst On Shoulder Joint

  1. Treatment Options For Cyst On Shoulder Joint

    Sup Guys;

    I've been having some shoulder pain, primarily in the left but definitely in both. The pain originates and hurts the most in the posterior delts.

    After going to the Orthopedic yesterday and having X-rays done (I'm getting MRI's this week), the doctor said it looks like I have cysts on both shoulders, but larger on the left side.

    We didnt go over any treatment options yet because the MRI's need to be completed first before he decides what to do but I was wondering if anyone around these neck of the woods knew anything bout treatment options and what most likely will be chosen as the route of treatment. From what I was able to find researching myself they can do arthroscopic surgery to remove it, try to shrink it, or do nothing.

    Any input would be appreciated,


  2. If they indeed are there and if it bothers your Daily "Function" then get the removed via scope. Recovery doesn't take long and the scar is small. They do tend to come back for some people so decide if its worth the money.
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